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World Bank at Mining Indaba 2018

February 5-8, 2018

Cape Town, South Africa

  • The World Bank helps countries seize opportunities for development and poverty reduction by focusing on effective extractive industries governance, increasing transparency, improving domestic resource mobilization, and promoting inclusive growth while ensuring local community needs are met and the environment protected.

    As part of our mission, the Bank will join African mining ministers, mining CEOs, development partners, and industry organizations in an open dialogue at the next Mining Indaba to help boost public-private cooperation in the mining sector.

    Learn more about our work in the global mining sector at the World Bank in Extractive Industries website and participation at Mining Indaba 2018.

  • (Events marked with a * are hosted by the World Bank.)


    Ministerial Symposium

    Time: 09:00-13:00

    Venue: TBD

    The Bank will join major development partners, mining CEOs, African mining ministers, and major industry organizations in an open dialogue to help boost public-private cooperation in the mining sector.



    Junior Mining Forum: What should Majors' and Investors' Strategies be to Support Junior Mining Companies?

    Time: 13:00-13:45

    Venue:  Stage D

    This session will assess the importance of junior miners as suppliers and explorers for Africa and how to improve the environment to encourage investments in African junior miners.

    Financing Projects and Development in Africa: What are the Views of International Players in the Current Regulatory Environment?

    Time: 16:40-17:20

    Venue: Main Stage   

    To what extent are current changes in legislation having an impact on finance and investment and what are the views of international banks on risks and rewards in Africa? 



    World Bank Special Topic Workshop: Closing the Gender Gap in Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining: A Conversation Amongst Female Leaders*

    Time: 09:00-10:30

    Venue: Rooftop Terrace 

    Artisanal and small-scale mining in Africa provides approximately 9 million rural jobs of which women represent as much as 50% of the total labor force. Are these women facing similar issues to women in the industrial sector? If so, what might be the lessons that women’s movements can learn from their respective experience in closing the gender gaps?

    Mining as a Tool for Local Value Creation: Developing Win-Win Solutions for Mining Businesses and their Local Stakeholders

    Time: 15:30-16:20

    Venue: Stage B 

    How can mining impacts be turned into development opportunities? How to define the role of government in stimulating and supporting mining businesses in creating local content and launching community development programs?



    Ministerial Interview: Creating a Sustainable and Economically Viable Future for the Diamond Industry in Africa

    Time: 10:45-11:15

    Venue: Stage B 

    This interview will focus on the threat of synthetic diamonds and their potential role in the sustainable diamond trade and evaluating the outcomes of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

    Enhancing Transparency and Good Governance in the Extractives Sector

    Time: 12:10-13:00

    Venue: Stage B 

    This session will explore the contributions made by EITI and other international initiatives, the benefits for countries and practical impacts on the ground.



    World Bank /African Ministers Consultative Meeting*

    Time: 11:00-13:00

    Venue: Rooftop Terrace

    This is a by-invitation-only event intended for African ministers and their delegates. It will showcase Bank support to the mining sector and formally engage ministers on issues that impede sector performance in the region.


  • Find us at: Booth 514, Cape Town International Convention Center