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Presentation in Peru: Shaking Up Economic Progress: Aggregate Shocks in Latin America and the Caribbean

November 29, 2017

Centro Cultural PUCP, San Isidro, Lima, Perú.


Banco Mundial.

Presentation of the regional study by Javier E. Báez, senior economist at the World Bank. Follow the livestream on this page or onú at 9am on November 29. Participate in the conversation using #ShocksEconómicos.


  • The report shows the multiple impacts of the different types of aggregate shocks such as natural disasters, civil conflicts, economic crises, epidemics, etc., on the most vulnerable populations. The report warns that, despite the great achievements made in reducing poverty and inequality in the region, these shocks threaten to raise poverty unless great efforts are made to mitigate and manage the associated risks.

    The report highlights that this can be achieved through generating more knowledge about risks to better understand the characteristics and possible effects of shocks; establish protection systems to reduce the probability and magnitude of possible losses; strengthen public and private insurance systems and expand and improve mitigation instruments to recover losses caused by shocks.

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