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BRIEF April 26, 2021

Online Consultations: Uzbekistan Systematic Country Diagnostic


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What is a Systematic Country Diagnostic?

A Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) is a report produced by the World Bank for a client country (usually every five years) that identifies key challenges and opportunities to ending poverty and boosting shared prosperity.

The SCD is comprehensive in scope and aims to cover all development priorities of a client country, including but not limited to those supported there by the World Bank.

The report is prepared for the benefit of all interested stakeholders, including citizens, governments, private sector, non-governmental organizations, media, and other development partners. Consultations are crucial to ensuring the findings are relevant to each of these stakeholders.

The forthcoming SCD for Uzbekistan will be organized around four key development opportunities:

  • Fostering a vibrant and inclusive private sector
  • Building effective and accountable state institutions
  • Investing in people and human capital
  • Transitioning to a more resilient, sustainable, and greener growth model

The SCD is also the key reference for the World Bank when prioritizing country engagement. It will provide the foundation for identifying priority areas for cooperation with the Government of Uzbekistan, including financial and advisory support for the next five years (2022-2026), known as the Country Partnership Framework (CPF).

We Want to Hear from You!

Help us make the Uzbekistan SCD relevant, timely and impactful! We welcome advice from all interested parties – both local and international – and would be especially grateful for responses to the following questions:

  • What are the most important reform priorities for Uzbekistan over the next five years?
  • Do these fit into the four development opportunities listed above?
  • What are the main challenges to achieving these priorities?
  • Are there any areas or issues that you think are not as important for the next five years?

Online consultations are open from April 26th to May 10th, 2021. Let us know what you think by sending your comments or suggestions in Uzbek, Russian, or English to the SCD Team at Please indicate Uzbekistan SCD Online Consultations in the subject line of your message.

You may also wish to respond to the questions in our online survey that will take just a few minutes. Your responses will be analyzed as part of the ongoing SCD online consultation process.





If you have any technical questions on the process of the online consultations, kindly send them to Yuriy Sarukhanyan.