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publication November 16, 2018

Timor-Leste - Systematic Country Diagnostic


Joao Galamba

The Systematic Country Diagnostic report identifies the challenges and opportunities now facing Timor-Leste to help guide future development policies for strong, shared and sustainable growth.

The Report Prioritizes Reforms in Three Areas:

  • Better supporting human capital and service delivery with adequate, timely and appropriate resources; with a particular focus on addressing malnutrition with an integrated program which includes water and sanitation; and ending gender-based violence.
  • Identifying an economic strategy for sustained economic growth and private sector job creation; strengthening the legal foundations of the market economy; increasing productivity in agriculture, fisheries and forestry; and developing appropriate and resilient infrastructure.
  • Carefully managing public finances and natural resources to ensure they are sustainable; with a particular focus on improving national disaster risk management.