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The Somalia Multi-Partner Fund (MPF)


The Somalia Multi-Partner Fund (MPF) – supports government-led state-building, economic growth and urban development in Somalia

What is the Multi-Partner Fund?

Established in 2013, the MPF has catalyzed the normalization of relations with international financial institutions while building and testing core government systems at the federal and state levels. The MPF is one of the funding windows established under the Somalia Development and Reconstruction Facility , the framework guiding implementation of the country’s ninth National Development Plan.

The MPF has an active portfolio of investment projects as well as analytical and advisory support, which is delivering results against targeted pillars of the NDP9.

Advancing STEM for women and girls in Somalia

International partners and government could help bridge the gap in the education system by supporting the existing local eco-system of solutions and local leaders.

Turning Sand to Water: The Biyoole project in Somalia

The World Bank's project in Somalia, which began in 2015, has grown into a $70m initiative that demonstrates successful collaboration with clients and communities in FCV environments.




Country Partnership Framework FY19-22

This Framework will help Somalia consolidate its transition by investing in services and economic opportunities while continuing to address the structural drivers of fragility.

Board Document

Establishment of a programmatic multi-partner fund for Somalia

This Board paper presents the creation of a multi-donor trust fund, called the Multi-Partner Fund (MPF) for Somalia, to deliver on critical reconstruction priorities

Final Report

Multi Partner Fund for Somalia Mid Term Review

This mid-term review focuses on the performance of the World Bank administered Multi-Partner Fund, set up under the new partnership to strengthen Somalia’s core economic institutions and economic opportunities and now at the middle of the 10 years initially allocated for its work.