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publication February 8, 2022

Saudi Arabia’s Digital and Distance Education: Experiences from the COVID-19 Pandemic and Opportunities for Educational Improvement


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This report examines Saudi Arabia’s journey to digital and distance education following the COVID-19 pandemic and identifies the strengths of the response to the pandemic in K-12 education and the opportunities for continued educational improvement.

The report analyzes a nationally representative survey of almost 18,000 students, teachers, school principals, supervisors, and parents, in addition to virtual classroom observations, focus groups, and interviews.

Among the study’s findings, key strengths of Saudi Arabia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic include:

  1. The prioritization given to student-teacher connections, with the student experience placed at the center of the digital and distance education provision via the Madrasati (My School) platform.
  2. An extensive range of teaching and learning tools, curriculum materials, and enrichment resources for teachers and students.
  3. Regular monitoring of user data and feedback loops to continuously improve the tools and services.
  4. Low-tech alternatives and in-person school visits for students without internet access.

The report highlights opportunities to strengthen education provision in Saudi Arabia, building on the successes of the digital and distance education over the 2020–21 school year.



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