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publicationMarch 24, 2023

Philippine Jobs Report : Shaping a Better Future for the Filipino Workforce

World Bank Philippine Jobs Report cover page

Download the Philippine Jobs Report.

Jobs provide pathways out of poverty, opportunities to utilize and enhance skills, and means to create value and contribute to the economy.

The report notes that prior to the pandemic, the country sustained an average economic growth rate above 6 percent. The Philippines also experienced faster growth in more productive jobs and an increase in real wages, which led to poverty reduction.

The Philippines needs to create more and better jobs for young people to enable the country to regain the vibrant labor market it enjoyed pre-pandemic, thus strengthening economic recovery and long-term growth.

The Philippine Jobs Report: Shaping a Better Future for the Filipino Workforce aims to inform jobs policy by examining key determinants and outcomes of jobs

Chapter 1 looks into the country's labor market in chronological order, beginning with the characteristics of the Philippine jobs market prior to the pandemic, from 2000 to 2019.

Chapter 2 continues the diagnostics by reviewing COVID-19 impact on the labor market, from 2020 to Q2 2022.

Chapter 3 presents the first major area of Philippine jobs, that of labor regulations, noting how labor regulations should catch up to meet diverse needs in the labor market.

Chapter 4 discusses international migration opportunities, the second area, and presents concrete steps to ensure that international migration continues to benefit workers, families, and the economy.

Chapter 5 on the third area of Philippine jobs, delves into the less known green and digital jobs and suggests policy measures for the country’s future jobs solutions.