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BRIEFApril 3, 2024

World Bank Enterprise Survey for the Philippines (2024)

Announcement: World Bank's Philippines Enterprise Survey

The World Bank’s Finance, Competitiveness, and Innovation team is collecting data on climate and technology adoption among firms in the Philippines as part of the World Bank Enterprise Surveys from March to June 2024. 

The information to be collected will help identify barriers in adopting and upgrading technologies. The results of the survey will help inform public policies and programs that can increase the technological capabilities and competitiveness of Philippine firms.

The survey will be carried out jointly by the Business Planners-Philippines and Mekong Economics, and will target owners and managers of companies throughout the Philippines.

The survey will be conducted either face to face or through telephone. Each interview will take approximately 40 minutes. All survey responses and identities of respondents will be kept anonymous and confidential.

Please participate to provide your inputs in the design of more effective policies to support the private sector in the Philippines.

This survey is part of the Firm Adoption of Technology Project, a global initiative led by the World Bank, which so far has been implemented in 17 other countries.

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Zoe Escobar,

Luis Abad,