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BRIEFApril 13, 2023

Pakistan Federal Public Expenditure Review 2023


Pakistan’s fiscal deficits are large, persistent, and growing, and contribute to macroeconomic volatility, crowding out public and private investment, and thereby, negatively impacting long-term economic growth. The federal Public Expenditure Review (PER) analyzes the key drivers of Pakistan’s fiscal deficits and explores how the Federal Government can regain fiscal and debt sustainability through rationalizing federal fiscal expenditures, increasing domestic revenue collection, and minimizing macroeconomic volatility.


Launch Event: Roadmap to Fiscal Sustainability

Full Report and Chapters

  • PER Full Report
    Jun 20, 2023

    Full Report

  • PER Executive Summary

    Executive Summary

  • PER Chapter 1

    Chapter 1: Reducing Pakistan’s Persistent Fiscal Deficits

  • PER Chapter 2

    Chapter 2 - Towards Inclusive and Productive Federal Expenditure

  • PER Chapter 3

    Chapter 3 - Debt Diagnostics, Management and Sustainability

  • PER Chapter 4

    Chapter 4 – Reducing the Fiscal Impact of State-Owned Enterprises

  • PER Chapter 5

    Chapter 5 – Enabling a Modern and Efficient Tax System

Pakistonomy Podcasts


  • PER-Presentation-option4

    Presentation to the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

  • PER-Infographic-option-3

    Infographic: The Perils of Pakistan’s Persistent Fiscal Deficits