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World Bank Country Partnership Framework for Mozambique: Renewed Partnership for Greener, Resilient, and Inclusive Development


MAPUTO, February 23, 2023 – The World Bank Group (WBG) endorsed a new Country Partnership Framework (CPF) to support Mozambique from 2023 to 2027. The overarching goal of the CPF is to support Mozambique’s progress toward greener, more resilient, and inclusive development.

This will be achieved by setting the foundations for a transition to (i) an economic growth model that generates more and better jobs, with attention to women’s participation; (ii) a society that is more resilient to multidimensional shocks; and (iii) a future development path that is consistent with global climate goals. WBG support will help address the underlying causes of fragility, conflict, and violence and focus on three high-level priorities (HLOs) to which the existing and new portfolio of activities will be dedicated.

Mozambique CPF Overall Architecture per High-Level Outcomes (HLO):


The CPF lays out the World Bank Group’s strategy for its engagement in Mozambique. It supports the Government of Mozambique’s priorities outlined in its Five-Year Development Plan for 2020–2024 (Programa Quinquenal do Governo - PQG), which is anchored in the government’s National Development Strategy (Estratégia Nacional de Desenvolvimento - ENDE) for 2015–2035.

The CPF goals reflect lessons learned from the previous partnership cycle and priorities identified under the World Bank’s 2021 Mozambique Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD), the Country Private Sector Diagnostic (CPSD), and the Country Climate Development Report (CCDR). Extensive consultations with the government at central and local levels, civil society groups, and the donor community shaped the CPF's priorities.