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BRIEFMarch 5, 2024

Moldova – Growth, Resilience and Opportunities for Well-being


The Moldova – Growth, Resilience and Opportunities for Well-being (M-GROW) was established to provide a coordinated grant financing and support mechanism to assist the Government of Moldova to make critical investments, enhance competitiveness and strengthen institutions towards the country’s green, resilient, and inclusive development and regional integration in Europe. Building on Moldova and the World Bank Group’s strong partnership, including through the FY23-FY27 Country Partnership Framework (CPF), the M-GROW program has been designed as a flexible instrument to provide grant support for Moldova’s reform and competitiveness agenda and critical investments over the next 5 years.

Ireland, Norway, and the United Kingdom have partnered with Moldova and the World Bank Group as founding members of M-GROW’s Partnership Council, providing initial funding of $24 million. In June 2024, the program made its first grant to support the Government of Moldova’s efforts to assist refugees and households affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while keeping momentum on the long-term agenda of economic integration with the European Union (EU) and enhancing climate resilience.