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BRIEF July 19, 2017

Theme One: Supporting Equitable Economic Growth

Malaysia has had a strong history of strategic planning and performance management which has led to effective frontline service delivery. The country’s public sector development has strongly been results-driven, thus creating elements of a vibrant performance culture.

The work on this theme is led by the World Bank Macroeconomic and Fiscal Management and Poverty and Equity Global Practices. We work to support Malaysia in sharing its experiences and expertise in sustaining equitable economic growth and allowing other countries to draw lessons from this valuable resource. The objectives in this theme are to:

  1. Identify, analyze and work on areas of demand for the Malaysian experience in economic management as well as poverty and inequality reduction
  2. Systematize and present good practices from Malaysia’s experience with emphasis on the country’s knowledge in order to share with other countries
  3. Build capacity among World Bank Group clients in deploying and using analytical tools for economic development and including Malaysia as a benchmark

The key aspects of Malaysia’s experience in economic planning include:

  1. Equitable Economic Growth
  2. Distributional Impact of Fiscal Policy
  3. Agricultural Development & Inclusive Growth
  4. Malaysia Trade Competitiveness Reforms