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publication April 25, 2021

Iraq - High Frequency Phone Survey (IHFPS) to Monitor Impacts of COVID-19

COVID-19 medical staff in Baghdad city, Al–Karkh hospital, Iraq

COVID-19 medical staff in Baghdad city, Al–Karkh hospital, Iraq.

World Bank/ Codex-Productions

 Results from August, September, and October 2020 Rounds

Iraq faced a dual shock of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and a collapse of oil prices in 2020. It is one of the most COVID-19 impacted countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in terms of number of cases and deaths. Even prior to the pandemic, due to the recurrent episodes of violence and displacement and economic shock, many Iraqis were already facing difficult conditions, making them particularly vulnerable to the crisis. This report presents findings from the first three rounds  of the Iraq’s High Frequency Phone Survey (IHFPS) designed to monitor the socioeconomic impacts of the pandemic, associated lockdowns, and economic shock triggered by the plunge of oil prices in the international market that created even greater constraint on Iraq’s already very tight fiscal space.