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publication September 26, 2018

Georgia Country Partnership Framework 2019-2022

5 Quick Facts:

  • Results from international assessments (in 2015) reveal that many Georgian students scored below basic proficiency in core skills.
  • Georgia has the world’s highest mortality rate due to outdoor and indoor air pollution: based on 2012 data, Georgia tops the country list with nearly 300 deaths per 100,000 people annually.
  • Over the past decade, employment in agriculture has declined by less than 1 percentage point per year and today stands at 49%. However, agriculture contributes only a little over 8% of the total value added in the economy. 
  • Georgia’s firms have low survival chances in the global market place. Out of 100 export flows that start in Georgia in a given year, only 40 remain active after the first year, 20 - two years later and 5 - at the end of the fifth year.
  • Georgia has poor usage of information and communication technology (ICT) by businesses (108th globally). The economic impact of ICT on competitiveness generated by technological and non-technological innovations in the form of patents, new products, processes, and practices is weak (91st globally).

To help Georgia achieve its development goals, the World Bank Group has developed a new four-year strategy. 

The new Country Partnership Framework is fully aligned with the Georgian government’s vision for the country’s development, driven by the “Georgia 2020” program.