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publicationSeptember 27, 2022

Egypt Public Expenditure Review for Human Development Sectors

Egypt Public Expenditure Review for Human Development Sectors

The Egypt Public Expenditure Review (PER) for Human Development Sectors aims at informing the Government of Egypt’s (GOE) efforts to pursue its commitment to enhancing socioeconomic outcomes through more and better spending on human capital. To achieve this important objective, the GoE aims at creating the fiscal space needed to increase growth-enhancing spending in a way that reflects positively on socioeconomic outcomes.

This PER analyzes the adequacy, efficiency, and equity of public spending on the human development sectors (Social Assistance, Pensions, Education, Higher education and Health). It examines options to create fiscal space by reducing inefficient and wasteful spending within these sectors and increasing the impact of existing resources. From an equity perspective, the PER examines how public resources are distributed across income groups and/or geographical regions, and how system-wide reforms can reduce inequality in spending and outcomes.

Drawing on a fiscal incidence, the distributional impact of potential fiscal measures and other policy changes is simulated to inform the reforms agenda. The PER also provides recommendations to address Public Financial Management challenges on a spectrum of themes that cover financing sources, budgeting process, and medium-term planning.

The report comes in three Volumes, including one dedicated to the Executive Summary. Volume I provides an overview of the macroeconomic and fiscal context, followed by a detailed analysis of public spending on social assistance and pensions. Volume II focuses on public spending on education, higher education and health.