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publicationJune 9, 2024

Egypt - Country Environmental Analysis : Promoting Circular Economy and Blue Economy for Environmental Sustainability

Egypt Country Environmental Analysis

Over the last two decades, Egypt has pursued its sustainable and resilient development. The Ministry of Environment has improved the governance framework and promoted new policy instruments to meet growing environmental challenges. The purpose of this analysis is to help Egypt address some of these environmental challenges by providing strategic guidance to the government to achieve green, resilient, and inclusive growth while creating new jobs. The report has been developed in consultation with the government and has identified short-to medium-term priority areas in: (i) circular economy for industrial pollution and waste management; (ii) blue economy with a focus on sustainable coastal zone management; (iii) environmental governance; and (iv) innovative green financing mechanisms targeting the circular economy and the blue economy. It was conducted by reviewing existing analytical work on environmental management in Egypt, current environmental regulations, strategies, reports, and public data. In addition, consultation workshops, meetings (with government representatives, nongovernmental organizations, research institutions, private sector, and key experts), and focus group discussions were carried out to further modify or validate the findings.