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publicationOctober 27, 2023

Country Economic Memorandum: Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Congo CEM


Pathways to Economic Diversification and Regional Trade Integration

Fostering Economic Diversification and Regional Integration for Faster Growth, Job Creation and Poverty Reduction

The new DRC Country Economic Memorandum outlines pathways for faster growth, job creation, and poverty reduction. Under the current macroeconomic framework, growth in the DRC will not translate into improved living conditions; ambitious economic reforms are critical to place the country on a diversified growth path conducive to middle-income country status.

The report proposes policies aimed at tackling the main bottlenecks hindering sustainable and inclusive growth and presents two case studies that illustrate the potential and the challenges of diversification: the mining and cassava value chains development.

It also shows that regional trade integration and trade diversification can promote value chain development and help generate jobs, unleashing opportunities for stronger growth and improved welfare for the country’s citizens.