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publicationMay 24, 2022

Country Partnership Framework (CPF) 2022-2026 with Dominican Republic

The new 2022-2026 Country Partnership Framework (CPF) with the Dominican Republic aims at three high-level outcomes, with a long-term focus on people's well-being.

  • The first desired outcome is to improve access to good quality public services, as well as seeking to improve fiscal space and public spending to ensure and guarantee those improvements.
  • The second one is to achieve a greater number of high-quality jobs by improving job skills and educational quality, which would strengthen the investment climate and diversify trade markets. It will be key to mobilize financing underserved groups and infrastructure, with a focus on vulnerable households, especially those headed by women, by supporting them with mortgage financing via the national housing program. Also, to increase lending to women and small and medium-sized enterprises, thereby encouraging public-private projects.
  • The third desired outcome for the CPF is to achieve a greater and better capacity to respond and recover from the adverse effects of climate change. It will also be crucial to boost the blue economy, to improve water and natural resources management and to promote the landscapes' sustainability. Strengthening institutional and financial capacity will make it possible to better cope with such phenomena associated with nature. Facilitating green finance will be also key.

Digitalization and mobilization of private capital are also part of this strategy. From the World Bank and through the new Country Partnership Framework, we are committed to working with the Dominican Republic to close gaps and drive balanced growth without leaving no one behind.

The World Bank