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BRIEF November 25, 2020

Public Expenditure Review in Science, Technology, and Innovation in Croatia


The RAS, launched in May 2019, supports the institutions involved in innovation policymaking in Croatia to analyze public support to science, technology and innovation (STI) by conducting a Public Expenditure Review (PER) in STI. The RAS is implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Science and Education, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds, the Croatian Science Foundation, and HAMAG-BICRO. The objective is to provide an analytical background for increasing the effectiveness of public spending for Science, Technology and Innovation and improving targeting through reallocation of resources, redesign and rationalization of policies and instruments.

The project will provide a comprehensive overview of the flow of funds for STI in Croatia and analysis and evaluation of public research and innovation policies with emphasis on their functionality, efficiency and governance mechanisms. The project will also review the Croatian Smart Specialization Strategy (S3) with the objective of identifying areas of improvement in terms of its intervention logic and management system as well as analysis of the achievement of expected goals and indicators.

The results of the project will include examples of good practice, structural solutions and recommendations for improving the efficiency of public spending for STI. Over the medium term, the project is expected to contribute to increasing the absorption of funds for STI. In the long term, this should lead to improved innovation performance of Croatia, as measured by innovation outputs such as intellectual property rights, scientific publications, and similar.