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publication September 28, 2021

Pieces For Development: Policy Notes For Chile


Pieces for Development:

How to solve the puzzle for a more inclusive and sustainable Chile?

There is no doubt that more sustainable, resistant, and beneficial growth would benefit Chile and its inhabitants. However, this is a difficult and complex issue, with several interconnecting pieces and many different opinions about the best way to achieve this.

The experience of other countries shows that certain pieces must be in their place in order to achieve this objective. Chile has incorporated several pieces in this puzzle. However, some critical pieces are still needed in order to overcome this challenge.

Chile is at a key moment to become a more green and inclusive country, for the benefit of all its citizens. Therefore, the World Bank presents Pieces for Development, policy notes for Chile, a publication that presents 10 policy alternatives on three interdependent pillars: Improve equal opportunity, Increase regional equity and Promote green and sustainable growth.


Building a more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive Chile is a task in which everyone – civil society, political leaders, entrepreneurs, academics, youths, among others- have something to contribute for the benefit of all. Through these notes, the World Bank seeks to open a conversation that helps to connect each one of these pieces and thus contribute to shared prosperity.

We count on your piece!

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