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BRIEF August 22, 2019

Seeking inputs: Economic Initiatives for a Post-Settlement in Afghanistan


Photo Credit: Rumi Consultancy/ World Bank

At the request of the international community, the World Bank has been working with international and Afghan partners to develop a range of possible economic initiatives to help consolidate and sustain peace following political settlement with the Taliban. The World Bank is now seeking inputs from all stakeholders on the initial documents arising from this work and would welcome your views.

An economic plan to sustain and consolidate peace

The Geneva Ministerial Conference on Afghanistan, held on 28th November 2018, demonstrated the solidarity of the international community with the Afghan people and the government in their efforts towards peace and prosperity.

"The communique from the conference called on the international community to develop: …a specific action plan, consistent with fundamental values and existing frameworks, in support of broad-based program of economic initiatives which would advance: a post-settlement return of Afghan capital; increased Afghan and foreign investment; job creation; and, enhanced regional economic integration."

The World Bank has been supporting development of this document on behalf of and in close coordination with the international community and Afghan partners. 

Objectives of the work

The objectives of the work are to:

  1. Articulate potential economic benefits of peace to all parties;
  2. Support a common understanding of potential economic priorities following a political settlement; and
  3. Provide an input to the planning processes of the international community in the lead-up to a potential political settlement.


The World Bank is seeking views from a wide range of stakeholders on the initial analysis of potential economic initiatives. The following documents are now available to facilitate discussion and feedback.

The World Bank is working to further refine this work and integrate it with other development and growth planning documents.

Your Views Welcomed

The World Bank welcomes feedback from all stakeholders on the ideas reflected in the draft documents above. We are interested in views of Afghan citizens, private sector entrepreneurs, academia, non-governmental organizations, civil society, subject matter technical experts, and other interested parties.