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Business Ready (B-READY)

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Doing Business Legacy

In September 2021, World Bank Group management decided to improve upon and replace Doing Business. However, the Doing Business website continues to be publicly available as an archive of knowledge and data.

Launched in 2002, the Doing Business project provided objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement. The project looked at domestic small and medium-size companies and measured the rules affecting them throughout their lifecycles. 

The first Doing Business report, published in 2003, covered five indicator sets and 133 economies. The final study, published in 2019, covered 11 indicator sets and 190 economies. 

A related project, Subnational Doing Business, was designed to capture differences in local business regulations and their enforcement across locations in a single economy. Since 2005, Subnational Doing Business has benchmarked almost 600 locations in more than 80 economies, including China, India, Mexico, and Nigeria.

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The World Bank is actively shaping the future of business environment assessment with its groundbreaking new report, Business Ready. This initiative addresses the gap that emerged with the discontinuation of Doing Business, by introducing significant methodological advancements that incorporate valuable data on implementation, regulatory efficiency, and the lived experiences of businesses. The World Bank does not endorse or support any activities aiming to replicate the Doing Business methodology, as the Business Ready report represents a significant evolution, offering a richer and more accurate picture of the global business landscape. The World Bank has not given permission nor any explicit or implicit authorization to use its name or references to the Doing Business name in such activities.