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Business Ready (B-READY)

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Complementary Resources

We recognize that many factors play a role in shaping an economy’s business climate. The B-READY project does not aim to measure all aspects of the business and investment climates. Existing indicators already measure many of these aspects.

Resources in five areas that are highly pertinent to shaping a country’s business environment are listed below. Additional data sources will be added over time.

Disclaimer: Resources on this page are for information purposes only. They include indicators generated by the World Bank Group and external sources, and do not imply endorsement of external indicators.

Links to data resources by topic

Macroeconomic stability provides the necessary conditions for firms to operate and prosper. A balanced economy free of excessive fluctuations fosters private sector development, unleashing its potential for economic growth and poverty reduction.


Data Resources on Macroeconomic Stability

Openness, which reflects an economy's level of international competitiveness, is essential to economic growth and development. Openness matters to the business environment because a higher degree means fewer restrictions on the movement of goods, capital, and labor, resulting in improved productivity and market access.


Data Resources on Openness

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