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Trust Funds and Programs

Trust funds play an important role in the World Bank’s ability to deliver impact. They provide support for global public goods, fragile and conflict affected states, disaster prevention and relief, global and regional partnerships, and knowledge and innovation.

Complementing IDA and IBRD financing, trust funds account for around $1 out of every $12 of Bank disbursements with approximately half of this flowing to clients in fragile states. Trust funds are particularly critical to the knowledge agenda, financing about two-thirds of all Advisory Services and Analytics activities.

Following the most recent phase of trust fund reform, trust funds are now commonly managed under a limited series of Umbrella Programs. These provide a more strategic way for Development Partners to engage with the World Bank and to finance their priorities. Umbrella Programs deliver a strong focus on results and lower transaction costs through coordinated governance and reporting. Umbrella Programs provide opportunities to collectively address global and local development challenges and achieve meaningful results at scale.

Last Updated: Jun 12, 2020