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Public Financial Disclosure for World Bank Group Leadership


The World Bank Group (WBG) implements Declaration of Interests (DOI) programs to identify and manage, or rule out, actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest, between staff members’ financial interests, private affiliations, relationships and outside activities (or those of their immediate family members), and the Institution’s business.

The disclosure requirements under the DOI programs generally apply to staff members who are in management or above level positions; staff with functions identified as sensitive, given their handling of highly confidential information; and others designated by the President (such as staff at grade levels GE and above, for the IFC and Treasury). Under the Senior Leaders DOI program, filers are the most senior members of the WBG’s leadership team (of grade levels GJ and above; e.g., the President, MDs and VPs). The forms are submitted by the required filers on a confidential and annual basis (as well as at onboarding), and the programs are administered by the WBG’s Ethics and Business Conduct Department, in accordance with Principle 3 of Staff Employment and WBG Directive Staff Rule 3.03, Business and Financial Interests and Disclosure.

Following best practices of good organizational governance and transparency, for the WBG’s Senior Leaders, the DOI program requires publication of certain financial assets, outside positions and interests. Public disclosure of this information helps demonstrate to the World Bank Group’s stakeholders that, in the discharge of their official duties and responsibilities, the WBG’s leadership team members are not, and do not appear to be, influenced by any consideration associated with their own private interests.

The public declarations of the WBG’s Senior Leaders, reporting on calendar year 2023 are accessible below (in alphabetical order), following the closure of the relevant Senior Leaders DOI annual exercise. All links are PDFs.



Ajay Banga

President, World Bank Group

Akihiko Nishio

Vice President, Development Finance, World Bank

Alfonso Garcia Mora

Regional Vice President, Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe, International Finance Corporation

Amy Jean Doherty

Vice President and WBG Chief Information Officer, Information and Technology Solutions, World Bank

Anke Barbara Ursula D'Angelo

Vice President and Auditor General, Group Internal Audit Vice Presidency, World Bank

Anna M. Bjerde

Managing Director, Operations, World Bank Group

Anshula Kant

Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer, World Bank Group

Antonella Bassani

Regional Vice President, Europe and Central Asia, World Bank

Axel van Trotsenburg

Senior Managing Director, World Bank

Carlos Felipe Jaramillo

Regional Vice President, Latin America & the Caribbean and Acting Vice President, People and Culture, World Bank Group

Carlos Manuel Rodriguez Echandi

Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson, The Global Environment Facility (GEF)

Christopher Hadley Stephens

Senior Vice President and General Counsel, World Bank

Edward Mountfield

Vice President, Operations Policy and Country Services , World Bank

Elena Bourganskaia

Vice President, Corporate Support, International Finance Corporation

Emmanuel Damian Bahizi Nyirinkindi

Vice President, Cross-Cutting Solutions, International Finance Corporation

Ethiopis Tafara

Vice President and Chief Risk, Legal & Administrative Officer, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency

Federico Galizia

Vice President of Risk and Finance, International Finance Corporation

Ferid Belhaj

Regional Vice President, Middle East and North Africa, World Bank

Guangzhe Chen

Vice President, Infrastructure, World Bank

Hela Cheikh Rouhou Ep Abid

Regional Vice President, Middle East, Central Asia, Türkiye, Afghanistan & Pakistan, International Finance Corporation

Hiroshi Matano

Executive Vice President, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency

Indermit S. Gill

Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, World Bank

James Taylor Heimbach

Vice President, External and Corporate Relations, World Bank

Janine Helene Ferretti

Director General, Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman Vice President, International Finance Corporation

John F. Gandolfo

Vice President and Treasurer, Treasury and Mobilization, International Finance Corporation

Jorge Familiar Calderon

Vice President and Treasurer, World Bank

Juergen Voegele

Vice President, Sustainable Development, World Bank

Junaid Kamal Ahmad

Vice President, Operations, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency

Lakshmi Shyam-Sunder

Vice President and Chief Risk Officer, World Bank Group

Lisa G Rosen

Vice President, Ethics and Internal Justice Services, World Bank Group

Makhtar Diop

Managing Director and Executive Vice President, International Finance Corporation

Mamta Murthi

Vice President, Human Development, World Bank

Manuela V. Ferro

Regional Vice President, East Asia and Pacific, World Bank

Margaret Kinnear

Vice President and Secretary General, International Centre for Settlement of Investments Disputes (ICSID)

Martin Raiser

Regional Vice President, South Asia, World Bank

Mercy Miyang Tembon

Vice President and Corporate Secretary, World Bank

Mohamed Gouled

Vice President, Industries, International Finance Corporation

Mouhamadou Diagne

Vice President, Institutional Integrity, World Bank

Ousmane Diagana

Regional Vice President, Africa West, World Bank

Pablo Saavedra

Vice President for Equitable Growth, Finance and Institutions, World Bank

Pamela D. O'Connell

Vice President and Controller, World Bank Group

Ramit Kumar Nagpal

Vice President and General Counsel, International Finance Corporation

Riccardo Puliti

Vice President, Asia and Pacific, International Finance Corporation

Sabine Bernabe

Director General, Independent Evaluation Group, World Bank Group

Samuel Munzele Maimbo

Vice President, Budget, Performance Review, and Strategic Planning, World Bank

Sergio Pimenta

Regional Vice President, Africa, International Finance Corporation

Susan Marie Lund

Vice President, Economics and Private Sector Development, International Finance Corporation

Victoria Kwakwa

Regional Vice President, Eastern and Southern Africa, World Bank

The public new entrants declarations of WBG Seniors Leaders who were appointed after January 1 are accesible below in alphabetical order). All links are PDFs.



Ajay Banga

President, World Bank Group

Guangzhe Chen

Vice President, Infrastructure, World Bank

Ramit Kumar Nagpal

Vice President and General Counsel, International Finance Corporation

Samuel Munzele Maimbo

Vice President, Budget, Performance Review, and Strategic Planning, World Bank


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