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Vickram Cuttaree

Program Leader for Sustainable Development, Caribbean

Vickram Cuttaree is the World Bank Program Leader for Sustainable Development for the Caribbean Countries. He previously served as Program Leader for Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand, overseeing the following sectors: Agriculture, Energy & Extractive, Environmental and Natural Resources, Social/Urban/Rural & Resilience, Transport & ICT, Water, Climate Change, and Public-Private Partnership. In this role, he contributes to shaping the World Bank program in these sectors and engages with government at senior level on complex policy issues.

He joined the Bank in 2003 and has since then worked on Latin America & the Caribbean, Europe & Central Asia and Middle-East & North Africa. Since joining the Bank, Vickram has worked extensively in transport, infrastructure financing and public-private partnership and has technical depth in other sectors, such as energy, water, urban development and climate change. Since joining the Bank, he has combined operational experience, designing and implementing projects financed by the World Bank through various instruments, with sophisticated technical assistance to middle-income countries. He has authored or co-authored several publications on topics related to sustainable development.

Vickram Cuttaree has more than 20 years of professional experience in government, private sector and international organizations. He holds Masters degrees in engineering (France) and in economics and finance (Yale University).

  • Sustainable Economic Growth
  • Transport
  • Infrastructure and Growth
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Urban Development