Tito Cordella

Adviser, Development Economics

Tito Cordella is an adviser in the Office of the Chief Economist at the World Bank. Before joining the Bank, he worked at the International Monetary Fund alternating operational and research activities.

He has published widely in banking, international finance/development and trade. He previously taught at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and at the University of Bologna.

An Italian national, he holds a PhD in Economics from the Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium (European Doctoral Program)

Recent Publications
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    Reserve Requirements in the Brave New Macroprudential World

    In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, it is hard to find any macroeconomic policy report that does not include some reference to financial stability or systemic risk and the resulting need for “macroprudential policies.” While there is a large and growing literature on macroprudential policies and financial stability, less attention has been paid to how macroprudential policies may facilitate macroeconomic stabilization in the presence of large capital flows.


  • Global Economy
  • Financial Sector
  • Aid Effectiveness
  • Debt
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