Tamer Rabie

Tamer Samah Rabie

Global Program Lead for Climate and Health, Health, Nutrition & Population

Tamer Rabie, MD, is the Global Program Lead for Climate and Health at the World Bank. He joined the Bank in 2005 and has since been leading lending as well as advisory services programs across more than thirty countries across all regions, including those characterized by fragility, conflict and violence. He has over twenty-five years of wide-ranging policy, public health and health systems experience including in climate change, nutrition, reproductive health, service delivery, governance, the private sector, and environmental health. As a medical doctor and public health specialist, he has always remained acutely aware that addressing global health challenges transcends the confines of healthcare alone and necessitates a comprehensive approach encompassing social, economic, and environmental policies, among others. Having worked on the nexus of climate and health since 2008, he has helped the World Bank shape its vision on climate action. In his current role as the Global Program Lead for Climate and Health, Dr. Rabie leads the World Bank’s efforts in addressing the climate-health crisis by scaling country tailored solutions, delivering global public goods, and forging partnerships with other development partners, the private sector and civil society organizations.  


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