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Stephane Guimbert

Stephane Guimbert leads the Bank’s operations policy reform and interpretation for all financing instruments (Investment Project Financing, Development Policy Financing and Program for Results) and Analytical and Advisory Services (ASA). As well, he provides guidance to staff on Country Partnership Frameworks (CPF), and oversee the Secretariats for the Operations Committee (OC) and for the Vice Presidents on Operational Matters (OVP) meetings. He also works to establish partnerships with other MDBs and development partners.

In his previous position as Director of the IDA Resource Mobilization and IBRD Corporate Finance department, he led the team preparing and negotiating IDA replenishment strategies and policies, and coordinating their implementation across the institution. He also led the creation of the IDA Private Sector Window and its initial implementation. He also led the corporate finance function for the IDA and IBRD balance sheets, including for the last IBRD capital increase.

Prior to this, he worked in the Bank’s strategy group and as an advisor to the World Bank's Managing Directors. He has been working at the World Bank since 2001, leading projects and analytical work in areas such as economic management, public finance management, private sector development, governance and trade. His work has led him to Afghanistan, Cambodia, China, India, Kenya, Nepal, and Thailand. 

Prior to joining the Bank, he was economist at the Ministry of Economy and Finance in France, working on trade policy and tax policy. He holds Masters degrees from ‘Ecole Polytechnique’, ENSAE and ‘Université I Paris-Sorbonne’. He is married, has five children, and lives in the Washington, D.C. area.


Tel : (202) 473-7775