Yasuaki Yoneyama , Special Representative, Japan

Yasuaki Yoneyama

Special Representative, Japan

Mr. YONEYAMA Yasuaki is the World Bank’s Special Representative in Japan since August 2021.

Joining the Ministry of Finance in 1995, he has been engaged actively with both domestic issues (e.g., budget and debt management) and international issues (e.g., MDBs, climate finance, and bilateral ODA loans).

His professional career encompasses a number of international experiences outside the Ministry of Finance: working on Middle Eastern issues at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1999-2001); representing Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Japan and Saudi Arabia at the African Development Bank Group board as Executive Director (2004-2007); and focusing on the Asia and the Pacific region at the IMF (2013-2016). He also worked extensively on G20 issues under the Japanese presidency (2019).

Mr. Yoneyama holds a BA in law from University of Tokyo and is a graduate of the French École nationale d’administration (class of Cyrano de Bergerac) where he obtained diplôme d’administration publique de l’ENA.