Sandeep Mahajan

Sandeep Mahajan

Advisor to the World Bank’s Managing Director & Senior Vice President for Operations

Sandeep Mahajan is a Practice Manager in the World Bank’s Macroeconomic, Trade, and Investment Global Practice, responsible for the Europe and Central Asia region. 

He has held various positions at the World Bank, including adviser to the Managing Director and Senior Vice President for Operations, Lead Economist for Vietnam (based in Hanoi) and Lead Economist for South Africa (based in Pretoria). Sandeep has led the Bank’s policy dialogue with client countries on a broad range of economic management issues, managed large budget support operations, and undertaken substantial and innovative analytical work on several challenging development issues.

He was lead author of the Future Drivers of Growth in Rwanda study (prepared jointly with the Government of Rwanda), the Vietnam 2035 report (prepared jointly with the Government of Vietnam), and the Economics of South African Townships report (prepared in close collaboration with the South African National Treasury). His research interests and publications cover economic growth, macroeconomics, financial & private sector development, and trade policy. 

Born in New Delhi, India, Sandeep received his B. Com (Hons) from Delhi University and his PhD. in Economics from Georgetown University, Washington, DC.

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