Samantha de Martino

Economist, Poverty

Samantha De Martino is an Economist in the World Bank’s Poverty and Equity Global Practice. Her research is at the nexus of applied microeconomics and behavioral science, with a focus on developing and testing new measures for understanding behavior. Her PhD thesis explored the interaction of monetary and non-monetary incentives for behavior change. She has extensive qualitative and quantitative experience in impact evaluation design and implementation of interventions for policy issues including land reform, renewable energy, environment, health, education, anti-poverty, youth unemployment and social protection in Africa, Latin America, East Asia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia with the World Bank, Institute of Development Studies, Innovations for Poverty Action, and the City of Cape Town. She holds a master's degree from Johns Hopkins University and PhD in Economics from the University of Sussex.


  • Macroeconomic and Structural Policies
  • Poverty Measurement and Analysis
  • Poverty
  • Social Protection and Growth