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Rochelle Glenene O'Hagan

Rochelle Glenene O'Hagan

Program Manager, Development Data Group

Development Economics

Rochelle O'Hagan is the Program Manager for Data Management Services in the Development Data Group at the World Bank. Her research interests include data curation, management, and governance, with particular emphasis on geospatial data and practical implementation of open data policies. She leads the team responsible for managing and disseminating the World Bank's development data through platforms, tools, and websites, including the World Bank Data Catalog, World Bank Open Data Portal, data APIs, and various topic portals.

Prior to joining the World Bank in 2018, Rochelle consulted for the UN World Food Programme, developing data platforms for drought and flood hazard detection, as well as impact analysis in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Papua New Guinea.

Rochelle holds a Ph.D. in computer science from The Australian National University and a Graduate Diploma in Geospatial Information Systems from University of Leeds in the United Kingdom.


  • Washington, DC
    Tel : +1-202-891-9632