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Robert Lucas

Robert is a Financial Officer in the Asset Management & Advisory Department of the World Bank Treasury, where he focuses on relationship management, strategic financing, and business development for central banks and other public asset management institutions. His work is focused on a global program dedicated to delivering asset management and advisory services to public asset managers, known as the Reserve Advisory & Management Partnership, RAMP. Improving public asset management ultimately increases the resilience of countries. RAMP helps central banks respond to economic shocks, sovereign wealth funds protect intergenerational wealth, and public pension funds ensure future payments. He manages a trust fund that helps bring financial advisory services to central banks in low-income or fragile or conflict-affected situations.

Since joining the World Bank Treasury in 2017, he has also worked on other teams, including the investor relations team and front office to the Vice President and Treasurer. He co-founded Treasury's first-ever junior professional programs that recruit the best and brightest finance students. He serves on Treasury's first-ever Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team, and was a Staff Association Delegate of the World Bank for which he was elected to a two-year term. He founded and is the Chair of the World Bank & IMF Yale Club. 

Before the World Bank, he was a US congressional staff member, managing relationships and building coalitions for legislation and appropriations amendments that promoted affordable housing, good government, transgender equality, fair tech, and social justice for Sikh and AAPI communities. He has appeared on national and local broadcast stations, with quotes in various international and domestic outlets, including Roll Call, The Hill, and ProPublica, for his work in campaign finance reform and social justice issues. 

He has a Master of Business Administration at Yale University and a Master of Public Policy from Georgetown University. He is also a former Network Fellow for the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University.