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Robert Bou Jaoude

Robert Bou Jaoude, Operations Manager, Middle East and North Africa

Robert Bou Jaoude is the World Bank Operations Manager for Egypt after having been the World Bank Country Manager for Central African Republic for two years.

Before that, he was the World Bank Country Manager, based in Baghdad since 2014, where he engaged with the Government of Iraq and various development partners and led the reply to the Iraq government requests, through a program that provided financing using budget support operations (DPF), Investment lending directed mainly towards the reconstruction of the liberated areas and supported the Technical Assistance program benefiting Kurdistan Region of Iraq plus more than 10 federal ministries and Iraqi Institutions.

A Lebanon national, Robert Bou Jaoude has over 30 years of working experience within various entities, across different countries, in the private and public sectors as well as UN agencies and the World Bank.

With his financial education and experience in the private and public sectors, he has been working with the World Bank for the past seventeen years in operations and performing sector work including contributions to Country Partnership Frameworks, during which he has built a vast experience in the World Bank external and internal environments.

Prior to joining the World Bank, he has worked in the Banking sector, private sector and the UN in Canada, Lebanon and Jordan.