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Raja Bentaouet Kattan, Advisor for Education and Gender Global Lead

Raja Bentaouet Kattan is currently serving as an Advisor to the Education Global Practice and Global Lead for Gender. Prior to this assignment, she was the Country Manager for Yemen. Raja joined the Bank in 2002 in the Human Development Unit as an Education Policy Specialist; She has since held various positions, including as Program Leader for Human Development in West Africa coordinating the Program on Health, Education, Social Protection and Jobs. Raja brings a wealth of operational, analytical and policy knowledge in education and the broader human development sector acquired over the course of her assignments in four regions (Latin America& The Caribbean, Africa, East Asia, and Middle East & North Africa. In addition to her work on basic service delivery in fragile and conflict-affected states, Raja has written on a variety of development topics including education, gender and skills. Raja holds a Ph.D. from Georgetown University.