R. Mukami Kariuki

R. Mukami Kariuki

Country Manager, Africa

R. Mukami Kariuki is Country Manager for Zimbabwe. She was previously a Lead Specialist for Water Supply and Sanitation in Sub-Saharan Africa, working largely in Southern Africa; Practice Manager for Urban Development for Sub-Saharan Africa; and Sector Manager for Urban and Water in East and Southern Africa. She has also been a Global Lead for Urban Development and Poverty; Sector Lead for Tanzania, Burundi, and Uganda; and Program Coordinator for Local Government in the Philippines.

A regional and urban planner by training, Kariuki has more than 20 years’ experience in development planning, local government and decentralization, infrastructure development, water supply and sanitation, climate change and disaster risk management. She has written or co-authored papers, articles, newsletters and blogs, including the World Bank’s Water Sector Strategy, 2003; the World Bank strategy, “Harnessing Urbanization to end Poverty and Boost Prosperity in Africa: An Action Agenda for Transformation;” “Local Private Providers of Water and Energy Services;” and “Water for the Urban Poor: Water Markets, Household Demand, and Service Preferences in Kenya.”

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