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Peter Taniform

Peter Taniform is the Infrastructure Sector Leader for Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia and Uganda and he is based in Nairobi. He coordinates the World Bank’s engagements and portfolio in the transport, Energy and Extractives. Peter joined the World Bank in 2008 as a Transport Specialist. Prior to joining the World Bank, he worked with the Government of Cameroon as well as in the private sector. Peter’s experience spans 22 years in the infrastructure/transport sector covering; roads, aviation, railway, urban & rural mobility, Public Private Partnerships, ports operations and analytical activities. His areas of expertise include; designing and supervising projects in fragile and conflict zones, developing policies and strategies, trade facilitation, multimodal transport, road safety and regional integration. He is bilingual (English & French) and has extensive knowledge in leading technical and policy dialogue in the infrastructure sector with development partners and client countries. A Cameroonian national, Peter holds a Master of Science degree in Transportation and Highway Engineering from the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands.