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Mary Porter Peschka

Mary Porter

Director, Sustainability & Gender Solutions, IFC

Mary is the Director of the Sustainability (ESG) and Gender Solutions department at IFC. Since 2006, an estimated $4.5 trillion in investments across emerging markets have adhered to IFC’s environmental and social standards, or principles inspired by them. Prior to her current role, Mary was the Director of the IFC’s Global Advisory Solutions department, has served as Regional Head of Advisory Services in Latin America & the Caribbean, and Regional Head of Sustainable Business Advisory in the Middle East & North Africa. Before joining IFC, Mary held various positions in the public and private sectors, including serving as a Partner in Market Access International, Inc., a women-owned consulting firm; as Investor Relations Manager for the St. Genevieve Group, a group of international mining companies; and as a Trade & Investment Advisor for the US Agency for International Development. Mary holds an MSc in Anthropology & Development from the London School of Economics & Political Science, an MBA from the University of Oxford, and a BA in International Affairs from the George Washington University. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.