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Laura B. Rawlings

Laura B. Rawlings is a Lead Economist in the World Bank’s Gender Group, where she spearheads partnerships and analytical work as part of the global effort to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment. 

In her career, Laura has led numerous project and research initiatives in the areas of social protection, early childhood development and behavioral incentives. She has worked as the Lead Economist for the Human Capital Project, Team Leader of the World Bank’s Social Protection and Labor Strategy, Manager of the Strategic Impact Evaluation Fund (SIEF) and Sector Leader for Human Development in Central America. She has published numerous books and articles in the fields of evaluation and human development. Laura is a member of the Global Reference Group for Children Affected by COVID-19 and a professor in Georgetown University’s Global Human Development program.

Tel :+1-202-473-1274 (Ext: 31274)