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Heung Sik Choo

Heung Sik (HS) is the Chief Investment Advisor of the Asset Management and Advisory Department of the World Bank Treasury. HS is responsible for representing clients’ interests and ensuring the World Bank Treasury’s asset management meets the highest standard of governance and that no conflict of interest arises. He also responsible for participating in a high-level investment discussion and capacity building activities of the Department.

HS joined the World Bank Treasury in 2016 as Director of Investment Management Department. He was responsible for managing liquid asset portfolios over $170 billion for the WBG partners and 70-plus external clients. Before joining the World Bank, Mr. Choo was the Chief Investment Officer at the Korea Investment Corporation (KIC). Under his leadership, KIC initiated a long-term approach for gradual and prudent allocation into Alternative investments. Before KIC, HS was the Director-General and Head of the Reserves Management Group. During his tenure at the Bank of Korea for over 30 years, HS governed the exponential growth in Korean Foreign reserves from USD 2 billion to USD 350 billion. HS also played a leading role in the development and evolution of the foreign reserve management framework, from cash to portfolio management and subsequently to asset-liability management framework.

HS Choo holds a bachelor's degree from Yonsei University in Korea, and a master's degree in Economics from Michigan State University in the United States.


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