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Geir Hilmar Haarde

Geir H. Haarde, an Iceland national, is the Executive Director at the Board of the Executive Directors of the World Bank Group representing Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.

Prior to joining the WBG, Mr. Haarde served as Ambassador of Iceland to the United States (2015–2019).  He was Prime Minister of Iceland (2006–2009), Minister for Foreign Affairs (2005–2006) and Minister of Finance (1998-2005). He was a long-time member of the Icelandic parliament, Althingi (1987–2009); Chairman (2005–2009) and Vice Chairman (1999–2005) of the Independence Party; member of the International Monetary and Financial Committee of the International Monetary Fund (2002–2004); and Chairman of the Independence Party’s Parliamentary Group (1991–1998). Other postings include Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Althingi (1995–1998); and President of the Nordic Council (1995). Mr. Haarde was also Political Advisor to the Minister of Finance (1983–1987) and an Economist with the Central Bank of Iceland (1977–1983).

Mr. Haarde holds a Master’s in Economics from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN (1977), a Master’s with distinction in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, Washington, DC (1975) and a Bachelor’s Magna Cum Laude in Economics from Brandeis University, Waltham, MA (1973).

Geir Hilmar Haarde
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