Alexandre Marc

Chief Specialist, Fragility, Conflict and Violence Group

Alexandre Marc has over two decades of experience working in areas related to conflict and violence in the Middle East, Latin America, Europe and East Asia. At the World Bank, he led the social cohesion and violence prevention team from 2009-2012, and was responsible for post-conflict reconstruction programs in Eastern Europe, as Sector Manager for Social Development, Europe and Central Asia Region. During this time, he also served as Director of the Roma Education Fund, an International Foundation based in Budapest that supports the inclusion of Roma children in education systems. Before joining the Bank, Marc did research and consulting on Africa at Oxford University (St. Antony’s College) and for the Société de’Êtudes et Économiques et Sociales in Paris. In 2005 he was a visiting fellow at the Paris Centre d’Êtudes et de Recherche Internationale (CERI) where he undertook research on cultural identity and minorities.


  • Fragility Conflict and Violence