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Aivin Vicquierra Solatorio

Aivin Vicquierra Solatorio is a Data Scientist with the World Bank's Development Data Group. He specializes in applying machine learning and AI techniques to solve economic development and operational problems. He has worked on machine learning projects in the context of climate change, logistics, digital sectors, digital skills in developing countries’ labor markets, and poverty prediction research. He is experienced in agent-based modeling (ABM) to simulate real-world policy-making scenarios, processing and analyzing massive smartphone GPS location datasets to develop risk indicators of mobility during the COVID-19 pandemic, and image processing for survey data disambiguation. His current interests focus on applying machine learning, information retrieval, and natural language processing (NLP) to develop applications for the discoverability of various development economic data, ranging from project and research documents, indicators, and microdata.

Aivin holds a master’s degree in Physics and a bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics from the University of the Philippines.


Washington, DC
Tel :+1-202-894-0418