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Stakeholder Relations

The Bank's engagement with stakeholders has been a source of innovative solutions to country needs and development challenges. The challenges we face today demand collective action. Climate change, conflict, poverty, and fragility cannot be solved alone. Lasting solutions will require new partnerships and coalitions, making stakeholder engagement more critical than ever.  

The WBG engages stakeholders through a variety of consultations, platforms, and channels. From Headquarters to country offices, the WBG interacts daily with stakeholder groups throughout the world, engaging them for different purposes, such as advocacy, partnering, risk mitigation, policy dialogue, strategy consultation, information sharing, and funding via grant mechanisms. These stakeholders include a broad range of actors, such as civil society organizations, faith-based organizations, parliamentarians, and the private sector. 



Civil Society Organizations

Engagement with civil society


Faith-Based Organizations

Engagement with religious leaders and religious organizations



Relations with legislators


Private Sector

Partnering with corporate and private foundations

LTS event at COP27

Corporate and Private Foundations

Engagement with the private sector foundations