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We encourage you to use the World Bank information and data in accordance with the applicable Terms of Use:

If your intended use is not covered by the above Terms of Use, please send a request explaining the proposed use to Digital Publishing, The World Bank, 1818 H Street NW, Washington, DC 20433, USA; e-mail:


The World Bank strives to enhance public access to and use of data that it collects and publishes. The data are organized in datasets listed in The World Bank Data Catalog (the “Datasets”). The Datasets are collections of data, managed by The World Bank and provided in a number of machine-readable formats. The World Bank provides you with access to the Datasets free of charge subject to the terms of this agreement (these “Dataset Terms”). Use of data derived from the Datasets, which may appear in formats such as tables and charts, is also subject to these Dataset Terms. For additional information about use of data from The World Bank Data Catalog please contact