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BRIEFMay 2, 2024

Constituency meeting with Governors of Angola, Nigeria and south Africa

Constituency-meeting-Spring meetings 2024

EDS25 - Constituency meeting spring meetings 2024

Constituency meetings occur during the annual and spring gatherings of the WBG. These meetings provide Governors representing constituent countries with a forum to discuss various aspects related to the constituency's topics. As a crucial strategic gathering, they offer the Executive Director of the constituency an opportunity to present a comprehensive overview of key topics, fostering better preparation and alignment for upcoming discussions. This process helps to establish a harmonized approach in addressing common challenges that affect the constituent countries.

The primary agenda items at this meeting included a discussion on the global economic outlook, with a specific focus on countries such as Angola, Nigeria, and South Africa. Additionally, topics such as poverty trends, credit portfolio performance, and updates on the WBG's evolution roadmap were also covered. 


Ayanda Dlodlo

Executive Director: EDS25

The World Bank

Alternate Executive Director: EDS25