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BRIEFMay 9, 2024

Anna Bjerde with World Bank Governors during Spring Meetings – April 18, 2024

Meeting with Anna and WB Governors

Spring Meetings 2024


The World Bank Group envisions a poverty-free world on a sustainable planet. To turn this vision into reality, it is crucial to accelerate and enhance the impact of our efforts. A recent meeting with representatives from beneficiary countries emphasized the need to strengthen the World Bank's operations and commitments. This meeting also highlighted the importance of sharing experiences among member countries to improve project performance.

Angola, represented by H.E. Vera Daves de Sousa, Minister of Finance, participated in this meeting. The World Bank Group follows a rigorous internal approval process to ensure that projects align with its goals, standards, and guidelines. Participants stressed the importance of simplifying this process, from project identification and design to board approval, negotiation, and implementation.

While streamlining processes for efficiency is essential, it is equally important to prioritize transparency, accountability, and effectiveness in delivering development projects that positively impact the lives of people in developing countries.