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BRIEFMay 9, 2024

Angolan Governor meeting with VPHD

Angolan Governor Vera Daves de Sousa With VPHD Mamta Murthi

Vera Daves de Sousa, Minister of Finance of Angola, on the left, and Mamta Murthi, Vice-President for Human Development of the WBG, on the right


During the Spring Meeting 2024, various issues related to the human development of Angola were discussed. These topics included health coverage, food security, social safety nets, and the need to enhance capacity building, especially within the education sector, as a critical foundation for development. Angola emphasized its debt strategy, which aims to secure concessional or semi-concessional debt while proactively managing its debt levels.

Furthermore, the Minister highlighted country’s efforts to diversify its economy, which is currently heavily reliant on oil production. The Minister of Finance of Angola also underscored the importance of formalizing certain sectors of the economy to stimulate economic development through job creation, particularly for the youth.