YPP Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Young Professionals Program? Since its inception in 1963, the Young Professionals Program has recruited over 1,800 people from nearly 120 countries, who now range from new staff to senior management in the World Bank Group. The program was established to attract outstanding, highly qualified, diverse, experienced and motivated younger individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to international development, academic success, professional achievement and potential for leadership. The Program recruits through a highly selective and competitive process and then facilitates the rapid integration of the newly recruited Young Professionals into the World Bank Group's business and culture. Back to top

What is the timeline?

·         June: Application period

·         June–July: 

·            Review of applications to ensure that candidates meet the eligibility criteria. 

·            Update of status to all candidates (candidates moving to the second round and those who are not moving forward)

·         August - September: Technical review of second round candidates, which takes a closer look into the application packages and determines which candidates will be selected for interviews

·         September-October:  Status update to candidates (those invited to interviews and those who are not moving forward). Interviews are scheduled at WBG headquarters in Washington, D.C., USA and our offices in Paris, France and Dakar, Senegal

·         October - December YPP interviews

·         January: Decisions and offers are communicated

·         September: New YP cohort starts

What type of applicants are you looking for? The Young Professionals Program is a global recruitment program. Young Professionals are recruited from throughout the world, and they represent various academic and professionals' backgrounds. Young Professionals are hired based on the business needs of the WBG and the demand could vary from year to year. We are looking for applicants that fit the "T" profile: those who show technical depth and technical breadth. The ideal candidates should have the ability to "see the bigger picture" display outstanding client engagement, leadership and team skills.

Please note that we do not hire Young Professionals for our back-office functions such as: Accounting, Information Technology, Communications, Human Resources

More specifically, we assess candidates based on three main competencies:

Client Orientation

- Commitment to Clients
- Results Orientation
- Integrity and Ethics

Professional Expertise

- Technical Expertise (Depth & Breadth)
- Strategic Perspective
- Problem Analysis

Team Leadership

- Teamwork
- Listening and Communication
- Innovation
- Negotiation

Furthermore, we ensure that candidates can work in multiple sectors. Back to top

How many professionals apply to the Program? Every year, we receive thousands of applications for a limited number of positions. It is a highly competitive process, where candidates generally exceed the minimum requirements. Back to top

How many professionals are accepted into the Program? During the past 5 years, we have accepted an average of 45 to 50 Young Professionals into the Program every year.  Back to top

How do I apply to the Program? Make sure you meet all eligibility requirements and review the application process thoroughly, including the application checklist before accessing the online application. You will be asked to complete the application and upload several documents, so it could be a lengthy process. Please allow some time for the process to be completed. Before you start, ensure that you have all the necessary information available and all the required documents, including the application essay. Note that you need to use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Internet Explorer 10 or higher as your browser version. You must complete your application in a single session (you cannot save an application in progress). Only a completed application can be submitted. Back to top

What is the profile of the newly hired YP cohort? The newly hired YP cohort comprises of 56 YPs joining in September 2019 and includes most PhD holders (70%). They have an average of six years of experience. The 56 YPs come from 33 different countries, out of which (there are) 8 Sub-Saharan African countries. Fifty two percent are women.

Note: This profile is just indicative and not necessarily a reflection of what it may look like in a coming Selection Process Back to top

Who should I contact regarding online application and Program questions? Please contact us with questions (yppadmin@worldbankgroup.org) If you are experiencing problems with your online application, please check your browser first (see question above) and send us an email, including the name of the Program and the nature of the problem.  Back to top

How flexible is the age requirement? There is no flexibility on the age requirement. Applicants should be born on or after October 1, 1987.